a2 Fairs is now in Ukraine!
Kiev & Kharkiv / March 31 – April 02, 2017
Would you like to join us?

a2 fairs keeps launching new markets and new recruitment destinations for the international schools with its 16 years of experience in the fair organization. Following the world’s trends, international students’ numbers and schools feedback/requests, we’re pleased to introduce you a2 Ukraine Fairs, one of our new fair destinations in 2017.
Join us in Kiev (Kyiv) on March 31 & Kharkiv on April 02, 2017!

Sharing our know-how with you
  • We opened up a recruitment office in Kiev in 2015
  • We traveled many times to network with local & international institutions, organizations, embassies in the country…
  • We studied the market and examined the interests of Ukrainian students to share our knowledge with you.

Now we invite you to a2 Fairs’ first educational event in Ukraine to share our expertise and connect you to the potential students. Come, explore & recruit in Ukraine with a2 Fairs know- how & expertise.

Ukrainian Market Facts:
  • Largest country in Europe with 45 million population, democratic country & rapidly growing market
  • The number of Ukrainian students at foreign universities as of the 2013/2014 academic year is 47,724 people. Over the last 6 years, the number of the Ukrainian students who went to study abroad increased from 21,5 to 47,7 thousands people.
  • Among the most preferred 12 countries for studies were Poland, Germany, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Australia, UK. These countries are followed by Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Latvia
  • The Ukrainian Association of International Education and Exchanges Agencies (AIEEA) reports that from 2012 to 2014 student demand was on the increase for higher education abroad. The AIEEA notes as well that, key areas of demand include business

a2 Ukraine Fairs Dates & Fees:

a2 Ukraine Fairs will be taking places in 2 major cities: the largest and capital city Kiev & Kharkiv, the educational, cultural and scientific center of Ukraine with its 64 institutions and 80 museums.

a2 Ukraine Fairs – Kiev, Kharkiv / March 31 – April 02, 2017

Kiev – March 31, 2017
Kharkiv – April 02, 2017

Fair Registration Fees: 2500 Euro for 2 cities / 1500 Euro for 1 city

Registration fee includes:
  • Participation for up to two representatives
  • One gala dinner
  • All lunches and coffee/tea breaks
  • Basic fair equipment (table, chairs, name boards)
  • Website listings, among other promotional opportunities

What can you expect from a2 Ukraine Fairs?
  • Self-paying, qualified, and motivated prospective applicants are expected.
  • All type of students and all type of programs will be covered.
  • In association with a local student recruitment agency
  • 16 years organizational experience & 25 years of educational background

With 25 years of experience in the education and counseling field, a2 International Education Fairs has organized the most successful international student recruitment fairs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, and Iraq since 2001.
For more information about our upcoming events, contact our sales team!