a2 International Educations Fairs in London

March 09th a2 University Visits & Networking Reception

March 10th a2 London Fair

With its 18 years of fair organization experience, a2 Fairs has been offering marketing & recruitment opportunities at the most opportune time at the most opportune places. a2 Fairs is pleased to introduce you its newest fair in UK.

The event consist of 1 day university visits and 1 day student fair in Queen Elizabeth Centre II

March 09th a2 University Visits & Networking Reception
March 10th a2 London Fair

The fair on March 10th is aiming to connect 1200 British, European and International students with institutions from all over the world. The university visit day on March 9th is a B2B event. We will visit 2 different British universities and there will be seminars given on the following topics: The internationalization of the universities, the contribution of international students to the universities, how British universities invest in the international student recruitment, the opportunities they provide to international students, their strategies etc…

The registration fees are below & 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT available until January 15th!

• 1350 GBP for a2 London Fair / March 10th
• 1950 GBP for University Visits in London & Networking reception  / March 9th – Free 2 nights accommodation for 1 single room
• 2,950 GBP for London Fair + University Visits + Networking reception.

2950 GBP Registration fee includes:
• Participation for up to two representatives
• Networking Reception
• Free accommodation for 3 nights (1 single room)
• All lunches, coffee/tea breaks
• Basic fair equipment (table, chairs, back drops and name boards)
• Website and fair guide listings


- 1200 students are expected
- International Students (language - pathway - bachelor & master & phd students)
- European Students (language - pathway - bachelor & master & phd students)
- British Students (language - pathway - bachelor & master & phd students)


- UK Universities and Colleges, Boarding Schools
- US and Canada Universities, Colleges, Boarding Schools
- AUS Universities, Colleges
- European Universities and Boarding Schools

• The Widest International Education Fair in London which brings in education opportunities from all over the world for Uk based all students.
• Seminars Exhibitors can also participate in seminars which organized by expert speakers in their areas. If you would like to be a speaker in seminars, please let us know by 15th of December 2017.


• United Kingdom is the second largest international student destination in the world. Every year around 500.000
international students choose UK for their initial education.
• By 2017 figures the total number of higher education students is over 2million in 140 universities.
• The majority of international students are studying at language and pathway courses. UK is one of the biggest further education provider in the world for EU and international students.
• Under the complexity of Brexit negotiations, it’s a great opportunity to refresh the confidence of European students to study in UK institutions.


United States is in the first place to study abroad destination in UK. In addition, United Kingdom is the number one European country to provide international student to US (OECD). There is a difference of 50% between the UK and the next European countries. For the USA government database, 11,600 just British students preferred to study in USA in 2015/16 for all major degrees.

It is mentioned in Telegraph article that recognizably more than 10,000 student who are educated in the UK continued their studies in US in 2013/14 term. In total, 30,000 students went outside the UK boarders at the same year to study which is almost double from previous year. Based on recent researches and studies, approximately 8 % increase are predicted for the following years to study in US educational institutions.

In the same territory with the USA, it is a fact that studying in Canada has been ranked at the beginning of the list by international students especially for undergraduate level. Specifically, Canada is a great opportunity for students and it is in the top three destinations from UK students. Furthermore, United Kingdom is in the third European with the number of more than 1,500 students and located in the first fifteen country to provide international students to Canada after China, France and the United States (OECD).


Recently Australia is the most popular choice for international students in the English driven world after UK and USA institutions. United Kingdom is the number one European country to provide international students to Australia (OECD). The percentage of UK student who is studying in Australia, is increasing ever year. 12% of the total Europeans who go to Australia are from United Kingdom.UK students prefer studying in Australia on the third place between non-European countries. 10% growth has been constant for the following years for the UK students. OECD data indicates that the biggest share came from United Kingdom students from European countries in 2015.


To speak about international students’ preferences, European Higher educational institutions also play vital role due to their variety of opportunities offered to international students. There are many recognizable universities in European region chosen by UK students due to their ranking in the world, cost-effective tuition fee and living costs, being part of international communities, English taught programs, scholarships, career opportunities during studying and after graduation and so on. Because of all reasons supported by OECD data, approximately 130,000 British students that is the highest number in the rates studies in European countries in any major or degree in 2015. Under the complexity of Brexit negotiations, it’s a great opportunity to refresh the confidence of British students to study in Europe.

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