Section A - Participants Information

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Contact Name: Email:
Participant Name: Email:
Complete Address:
City: Zip Code:
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Promotion Code

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Section B - Venues (Please pick the venues that you will attend)

HYBRID Spring 2021 Turkey Fairs / April 10-11, 2021
Online Fair (April 10-11, 2021) Participant Name:
Student Fair in Istanbul (European Side) (April 10-11, 2021) Participant Name:

Section C - Optional Requests

Accompanying Name: Event Name:
Accompanying Name: Event Name:
Accompanying Name: Event Name:
Would you like translator services?
OnlineIstanbul (Europe)
Would you like us to arrange any of your flights within Turkey?

  • Flight reservations are only for the flights announced on the itinerary. The Flight requests not on the itinerary won’t be booked by a2 Fairs.
  • We have special rates at the hotels. To get these rates please click on our hotel booking page on, fill out the reservation forms and send to for confirmation
Additional Request:

Section D - Billing Information

Yes, we will participate in the above mentioned a2 Fairs as marked in Section B and we accept a2 Fairs Terms & Conditions. Please send us the invoice and payment information.
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Billing address as in Section A