Info on a2 Fairs

Using our 24 years of experience in the education and counselling field, a² International Education Fairs has been able to organize the most successful international student recruitment fairs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Egypt, & Iraq since 2001. As the leaders of the new generation of fair organizers, we always offer the most comprehensive student recruitment events in prime locations.

In the past 13 years, over 850 institutions from 56 countries have attended the a2 International Education Fairs to promote their schools and meet thousands of students. Many of our past participants re-attend a2 Fairs every year, and recommend our events to their colleagues in the international education field with confidence.

a² Fairs has a reputation for attracting the highest quality students. Although it is important for us to attract a large number of students, it is essential that we attract the most interested and qualified candidates to our fairs. We consistently target, and primarily draw students who have met admission requirements, done their research, and are ready to take their next step in education.

a² Fairs  deliberately selects fair dates at the most opportune time for both students and institutions. We set our fair dates according to when students are seriously thinking about their next step in education. At each location we work closely with local partners that have knowledge about local annual education calendars, exam periods, and holidays. We are able to schedule events when we know that students in each of our fair locations are seeking information and are ready to make serious decisions.

Our participant’s satisfaction is highly important to us and we constantly improve ourselves for the best quality and customer satisfaction.

Our education fairs are well-known and anticipated by potential students at each location. By using strategic media buys and promotional methods, a² Fairs is able successfully to target and reach the most eligible students to promote our fairs. Much of our work is done through ties with high schools, universities, head-hunters, human resource companies, and embassies.

Our education fairs are supported by the local and international organizations, embassies, cultural centres in each location.  Our Fairs in Turkey are officially supported by the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MEB); T.R Prime Ministry State Planning Organization- Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programs; UED (The Association of International Education Counsellors of Turkey) and its member agencies;
Our Turkey Fairs are welcoming Austrade, British Council, CampusFrance, DAAD, Fulbright, Us Embassy, US Consulate, Istanbul Turkey.

a² Morocco, Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan Fairs are also supported by British Council, Education USA, Bolashak, Amideast, Campus France, DAAD-Kazakhstan, DAAD-Azerbaijan, Canadian Embassy Morocco, Ministry of National Education Morocco.

a2 Fairs is a member of international organizations such as NAFSA, AAIEP, EAIE, English UK … 

By choosing a² Fairs your institutions will not only have the chance to meet with thousands of eligible students, but our fairs also offer a wonderful opportunity to network with many consulting agencies, local and international organizations, and foundations. All offering excellent value well within your budget. /